Saxon Cross Hotel, Mar-2009

Posted by thirtyfootscrew On March - 27 - 2009

This was a first for me, I found this derelict hotel by putting in the postcode advertised on their own website: – somewhat odd given that the place has been abandoned since at least February 2008 (see post on Derelict Places). Despite being in a good condition last year the place is completely ruined now and there’s little or no evidence of furniture or anything else intact, save a few mattresses stuffed in bedrooms and the odd chair half smashed on the floor, it’s quite striking to realise how quickly something can fall into ruin although I suspect that vandalism is to blame for the vast majority of the problems at Saxon Cross. Some may never understand why people are into Urban Exploration but I’ll never understand the what drives someone to go into a building and smash the hell out of it, the vandals that do this sort of thing should be locked up.

On entry it was pretty smashed up and I don’t think there’s a single window intact, most of the main rooms are completely devoid of furniture although some have the original counters and work surfaces in place – I even found the remains of a cash register and a bottle of HP Brown Sauce! There’s the odd bit of graffiti here and there but nothing artistic, the best bit (which put the chills into my co-explorer) was the big red graffiti saying “I don’t know about you, but I could MURDER a curry”. As you approach the main building from the front you will find the main part of the building in front of you, including the reception, lounge, dining room, bar, back-room, kitchens and plant rooms (for heating, electric, etc.).

The bedroom areas extend out back in two long rows, very much in the style of a classic American Motel…

Saxon Cross Hotel Rooms

The rooms themselves are a complete mess along with much of the outside area, each room seems to be either stuffed with rubbish and debris (mattresses, broken furniture, rubble) or has it’s roof caved in with foam (or maybe even asbestos fibre) insulation hanging out. The noteworthy parts of the outside are the giant “HOTEL” banner and the scattered cushions outside, I didn’t explore any of the rooms in depth so there might be something interesting to be found in there but I glanced in each one and nothing really piqued my interest.

Overall it was quite a good explore, pretty quick as there’s not much to see and it’s only a single-storey building. It’s also very easy to add onto an itinerary if you’re going down the M6 as it’s only a stone’s throw from Junction 17.

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2 Responses to “Saxon Cross Hotel, Mar-2009”

  1. Gervan Simon says:

    This 1970′s hotel is about to be demolished now. Its been totally vandalised since its closing in 2008. A warehouse & office is going to be built on the site. Just thought you might like to know!!

  2. sickbritain says:

    Thanks, always good to know – I might be able to get back up there one last time before it comes down.

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