Sheffield’s Iconic Cooling Towers Demolished

Posted by sickbritain On March - 30 - 2009

Having lived all over and travelled across the country one of my favourite cities in the UK is Sheffield, with such a strong industrial heritage it has every right to be proud of it’s history but unfortunately it seems that history is now being sidelined to build the future, a mistake that we’ve made for centuries even though we think we preserve our historical buildings.  Driving up the M1 recently I was looking forward to passing Sheffield and seeing the familiar sight of Meadowhall shopping centre on the left and the giant cooling towers on the right, sadly it seems that back in August 2008 the towers were demolished to make way for a new ‘biomass power station’ (see BBC News).

This was a sad day for me and whilst some of Sheffield’s residents protested it still sickens me to see that not enough people cared about the history and heritage of Sheffield to save these magnificent structures.   The same goes for the removal of the Avesta Bull – I’m watching Sheffield’s history being drained away year after year and it really does make me sick.

Photo by Paul Denton Cocker, click through to his Flickr page.

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