War Memorial Hospital, Melton Mowbray Feb-2009

Posted by thirtyfootscrew On March - 19 - 2009

Having decided to do some Urbex in Leicestershire I headed over to the Ankle Hill War Memorial Hospital in Melton Mowbray. Access was pretty straightforward but I did get a few scrapes from the brambles in the adjacent rough patch of land and managed to lose my torch in the rough, once on-site you can see the main hospital building which is a fairly old grand structure (the sort that could’ve been a stately home) and have complete access to the rest of the site. I encountered no security to speak of and only one security camera seemed evident though I expect that it was part of the original hospital and not erected to secure the ruins, it point directly across a doorway which would seem to support that theory as well.

The main problem I encountered here in terms of exploring was that the place is pretty well boarded up, padlocked and sealed and I’m not the type that would force entry or break anything but the exterior is well worth a wander around and you can see a bunch of interesting bits and bobs through the windows.

Despite the lack of access I think that it’s still a good site for a quick wander, the building itself is quite interesting an there’s an array of outbuildings, a fire escape, some archways and an overgrown area that are worth having a nose around. I think that because it’s well sealed the place appears to be in quite a good condition internally and whilst there was evidence of vandals having broken the odd window and having been in one of the courtyards the view through the windows is that of an abandoned but not really decayed building.

Around the site there’s quite a bit of graffiti, much of it seeming to mention “Drunk Irish” (presumably a local) and phrases such as “Prostitute Mutilation”, “Slaughter the Priest Corpse” and the pictured “Painful Stab Wounds Heal My Soul, I Beg For Mercy”. Lovely. I do generally appreciate artistic graffiti but Ankle Hill seemed to be much more ASBO than Turner Prize so I wouldn’t be looking for the next Banksy to come out of Melton Mowbray any time soon.

In summary: worth a visit, but don’t make it your main goal for the day.

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10 Responses to “War Memorial Hospital, Melton Mowbray Feb-2009”

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  2. Ben Truslove says:


    I am a reporter on the Melton Times, in Melton Mowbray. I’m interested in doing a story about Urbexing, specifically on the War Memorial Hospital and any other sites in the Melton area.

    If somebody could please contact me at the Melton Times it would be much appreciated on (01664) 412522 or ben[dot]truslove[at]meltontimes.co.uk


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  4. Catherine says:

    Hi there i went into this place but only a part of it it was like just normal ground and in a square around us there was a building it looked quite like a church. How would i be able to get into the real bit of the hospital?

  5. Gary says:

    Hi, i went there yesterday (6/4/10) to have a quick look, good news is the main building has had a door or 2 kicked in by yobs, but they did not have a torch , so it is acsessable, so we did the first recorded inside view of it. It is fantastic and eerie, at the moment it is graffitti free and apart from a few smashed tube lights its vandalism free also, I dont think it will stay like this for too long, it is really worth checking out, good luck. Also check out my YouTube vid of it (gzp303) i can send you a link if you struggle to find it, as ive only just put it on there

  6. Lisa says:

    I went ito this hospital yesterday . All buildings are accessible as doors have been kicked in. It is very dark and spooky. Take a good torch and watch the glass! Some rooms have been trashed but most are still in tact. Did not venture on to wards as to be honest i was shitting it! Access in very easy and no security..

  7. kirsty says:

    hi there i went in there yesterday.its got loads of doors off and easy to get into.aparently its haunted by a kernal dagleash who they named the ward after and when people worked there they used to smell a strong cigar smell in there from him.
    Also just wondered if anyone knows where the chapel of rest was in there? would love to find it.

  8. Grace says:

    Wow I’ve been to the hospital for the first time twice in the last week and it really is quite a sight! It’s an absolute dump and is pretty much the creepiest thing i’ve ever seen!

    Me and some mates looked around it, we went inside it and walked half way down an ward until hearing something and screaming and getting the hell out!
    It really is pretty freaky and you should really be careful round a place like that!

    If you are thinking to visit the hospital.. I definately suggest you are in a group of no less than 4 and have a guy with you!! (not being sexist or anything)

  9. M e g a n!:) says:

    This building is really creepy. I suggest you NEVER go alone. But its ok when you are with loads of other people.

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