Burgh-on-Bain ROC, Apr-2009

Posted by sickbritain On April - 3 - 2009

Whenever I’m on a long drive across the country I tend to slot in little quick urbex stops along the route to break up the journey (hell, it’s better than many motorway services). Recently I stopped off just outside a little village in Lincolnshire known as Burgh-on-Bain to take a quick look at the ROC post there. It’s extremely easy to find and right on a crossroads, the road’s not too busy either so parking isn’t a problem (you’re almost literally in the middle of nowhere).

The location is pretty but the inside is quite trashed, nowhere near as good a condition as Alderbury ROC I visited not long ago. Despite that, this post still has a piece of switchgear intact which was quite interesting and a strange board with pictures of spanners on it (presumably where they used to hang).

This time I didn’t encounter any fellow explorers so I just had a look around the underground portion as well as a little look at the overground shed/building – I’m not sure what this would have been used for though. I didn’t have much time so I just headed back to the car, there’s never a great deal of exploring to be done at ROC posts anyway.

One bit of advice I have for you when exploring ROC posts is to watch the metal counterweight on the way back up! I managed to bump my head on it quite heavily and I could still feel the pain a day later, if you did this too severely you could even slip off the ladder which could be quite dangerous so take care.

Here’s a few more photos…

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2 Responses to “Burgh-on-Bain ROC, Apr-2009”

  1. Indy500 says:

    My first ROC post… loved it, even though it’s quite empty of all its original fixtures and fittings. Stenigot is just up the road isn’t it? And Nocton isn’t too far away either. A good day! :-)

  2. sickbritain says:

    Yep, Lincolnshire’s a pretty ‘rich’ area for urbexing and since there’s not a lot of people spread out across a large area you’ve usually got quite a bit of privacy when you’re exploring.

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