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Urbex Community: ROC Remembered

Posted by sickbritain On May - 27 - 2009

The Royal Observer Corps were in existence from 1925 to 1995 and their first significant operation was to act as aircraft spotters in WW2 where their task was to radio in any sightings of enemy aircraft or flying bombs. After the war ended they were briefly stood down after being in continuous operation from September 1939 to May 1945 then as the peace transitioned into the Cold War their role changed. The new role was to report nuclear explosions and monitor the nuclear fallout, to do this the crew of three would have to be prepared to spend up to 21 days underground in a 16ft x 7ft x 7ft bunker, between 1958 and 1968 over 1,500 of these bunkers were built across the country.

ROC Remembered is a site built by the grandson of a former ROC member in memory of his grandmother, it lists the state of ROC posts around the country and includes photos and coordinates of many…

Fisher’s Seed Company, May-2008

Posted by thirtyfootscrew On May - 22 - 2009

Bridge Between SilosThis was just a quick trip, I had some bits and bobs to pick up from the town and I thought I’d leave early to get some urbex in before too many people were up and about. I skirted around the edge of the site on what I presume is a disused railway line (it certainly had that feel to it), carrying on until I saw a clear hole in the fence that was easy enough to fit through.

Once on to the site I had a mooch around the silos, there’s not a great deal to see but they’re pretty impressive and very large structures which are quite a sight to behold if you’ve not seen that sort of thing before. There were a few bits of graffiti around and some wooden boards laid out as though some skaters had been around, though nothing looked overly vandalised which surprised me for a site in such a built up area. One cool and unexpected part of the site as what seemed to be a petrol station, complete with a petrol pump, I guess this must have been used to fuel the delivery trucks but I’ve never worked in a place like this so I can only make assumptions.

Spot the RatI had a little poke around the rest of the compound and saw a rat scampering into a warehouse, unfortunately I just missed getting a decent shot of the flighty little bugger but I managed to get his tail and some fur in frame. I didn’t really make it into any of the warehouse areas but got a quick look into what I presume must have been the offices which was utterly wrecked with collapsing ceilings and smashed up walls – the reasonably intact boiler and a set of drawers were the only things that gave a clue to its original purpose.

46.5 GallonsThere’s quite a bit of exploring to be done at the site, though I’m not sure these days since this mini site-report is almost a year out of date, I may attempt to return at some point in the next few months and see what it’s like. In the end I abandoned the explore part through lack of time and also due to a mild suspicion that I wasn’t alone, in all likelihood it was probably just the wind or cat but my head was telling me that it could’ve been a chav or a crack addict so I decided not to venture into the huge dark warehouse and exited the site the same way I came in.  It might seem overly cautious to some but I’ve always been a fan of following my instinct, tens of thousands of years of evolution have made it what it is and I’m not one to argue with that!

Urbex Community: Standing Quiet

Posted by sickbritain On May - 18 - 2009

This is another personal site by Matt Smith, a photographer from the South-East of England but deserves it’s spot in the “community” section as it’s a great place to look for inspiration (either photographic or location scouting). The site contains excellent collections of photos from site visits with brief notes on the site and occasional history, please check it out…

Urbex Accessories: Cyba-Lite Explorer Head Torch

Posted by sickbritain On May - 12 - 2009

Every Urban Explorer needs a torch to help navigate around the dark, dank places we tend to find ourselves in but as a photographer you need both hands free in order to properly handle your camera gear. The natural solution is to buy a head torch, they’re available in pretty much all outdoor shops and cost as little as a tenner but unfortunately 95% of all the models I’ve seen in shops are rubbish for urbex photography.

The reason most head-torches are unsuitable is that they sit smack bang in the middle of your forehead which might be perfect for a caver but if you’re an SLR user you’ll find that when you bring your camera to your eye you’ll end up banging the body (or attached flash) right into the torch.  The other problem is that you’ll need the torch for exploring and to aid focusing but unless you’re light painting you won’t want the torch light to come out in your shot and trying to switch off a head torch whilst wearing gloves can be a pain.

Given all of my whinging above you’ve no doubt realised that I was getting fed-up with the situation but luckily I came across the Cyba-Lite Explorer, it’s effectively a small pen-torch (like a mini-Maglite) that comes with a clip-mount and an elastic head-strap…

explorer1 explorer2

From a general standpoint this is handy because you could clip it to a tripod, a baseball cap or whatever you like but the most useful part to me is that the clip mount swivels.  This means that I can wear it as a head torch but mounted on the side of my head, meaning that it won’t get in the way of my camera and that rather than fiddling with any switches I can just point it away from the subject of my photo if don’t want to capture the light.  My only criticism so far is that it could be brighter, it does well enough but there’s no way I could use it as my sole torch in the really dark places but hey – I carry my 4-cell Maglite as much for defence as for light!

You might think that I’m gushing with compliments about something pretty simple but having this torch has made exploring and taking photos so much simpler and hassle free that I just can’t help it – especially seeing as you can pick them up for less than a tenner (I paid about £14 though).  If anyone’s interested in picking one up there seems to be an offer on at where it’s going for £8.99 delivered.

Urbex Community: Opacity

Posted by sickbritain On May - 8 - 2009

I heard about this site along time ago and despite the fact that we here at Sick Britain are meant to be all about UK Urbex I thought I’d break tradition from (a) posting articles about forums, and (b) post a quality site from the good old United States of America.  Opacity has been around since 2002 and is a personal site detailing the urban exploration of one man – Tom Kirsch (or Mr. Motts), the site is beautifully put together (all hand-coded by the site’s owner) and contains an amazing amount of stunning photography, site reports and even a forum (though the emphasis of the site is clearly on the reports).  I can’t stress more, if you’re into urbex you have to look at this site:




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