Nocton RAF Hospital, Mar-2009: Video #1

Posted by thirtyfootscrew On May - 3 - 2009

Whilst exploring the abandoned RAF hospital at Nocton I lodged my camera-phone behind the strap of my camera bag to make an impromptu body-cam and have edited the footage together with my photos from the day to make the video below. This video represents roughly the first third of the explore (it’s a big site) and around half of all the photos I took, the music used in the clip was taken from, links to the tracks are below the video. Before watching the video it’s worth perhaps having a little history on the place, I’ve taken my info from and Wikipedia, you can read more there if you wish.

The site contains an historic listed building, a stately home originally constructed in 1834 and rebuilt in 1841 by the first Earl of Ripon. The hall was first used as an convalescent home for American officers in 1917 during the Great War and was turned into a full-scale hospital by the RAF in 1940 but was has been intermittently used by the US Army from World War 2 right up to the first Gulf War in 1991/92. At it’s height of readiness during the Gulf War the site employed roughly 1,300 medical staff and had 740 beds even though it only ended up treating 35 casualties, following this period the hospital was handed back to the RAF and was finally abandoned to the elements in September 1995.

On a personal note, I find it sad that the property (especially the hall) has been left to fall into such a derelict state, it has been the victim of several arson attacks and an extensive amount of vandalism but the place still has a lot of character with an air of eeriness about it, mainly due to its size and advanced state of dereliction.

Music used in video…

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