Top 10 Abandoned Asylums

Posted by sickbritain On August - 19 - 2009

All over the UK dotted throughout countryside and city alike lie abandoned asylums, relics of a bygone era of mental health where the aim was to isolate patients in a secure facility rather than integrating them with the community. Here I have selected a top ten list based on the number of Flickr photos I found for each asylum in a single search, doubtlessly I will have missed important sites and got the ranking wrong but please feel free to point them out by leaving a comment. All of the photos used below were taken by other photographers and are used under a Creative Commons license (click through to Flickr for attribution), if you think you’ve got a better photo and it’s not CC – get your licensing sorted!

1. Hellingly


2. Cane Hill



3. West Park



4. Whittingham



5. Severalls



6. Denbigh



7. Deva



8. St Mary’s



9. Talgarth



10. St John’s





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19 Responses to “Top 10 Abandoned Asylums”

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  2. Speed says:

    Yeh, fair play but the better condition asylums like High Royds, Stone House and Lancaster Moor deserve some reperesentation!

    I quite like you site, i was after doing some Top 10s on mine if i ever get it how i want it!

  3. Tom says:

    Great post and fantastic images here! Your article was the inspiration behind a post I just did on asylums, borrowing a few of the ones listed here. I guess some of these had become proper hospitals by the times they closed but even so, it’s amazing to think there are still so many of these places around! Would be great if they redeveloped the buildings… although I’m not actually sure I’d want to live in one!

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  6. ian bone says:

    or any of thees still places still arond as i hade a progect for mental thelth cuming up i whas gust wundring if us whod now
    cod u sed me an email back

    than you


  7. sickbritain says:

    The only one I’ve been to (relatively) recently is West Park and I’ve not heard that it’s been knocked down, your best bet is to check for recent reports on sites like Derelict Places or 28 Days Later.

  8. Misty McCool says:

    Someone needs to take these old asylums and turn them into Gothic Hotels. They are so gorgeous, it is a shame to see them setting and rotting away. =(

  9. niki says:

    how many of these are still up? i dont know why people would want to knock them down. they have so much history. is hellingly still up?

  10. rachel says:

    I know severalls is still there it’s a fun teen thing to go exploring there and frighten each other half to

  11. Re Helligly,you know where,Sussex, have yet to hear Ashen Hill & Southview wards have been emptied & closed :( Deb.
    random phone coonection @ hastings 01424716019….6 months x 2 at Rothermay DGH before despatches went in, amongst others. such is life.

  12. chris says:

    would love to get into urbex photography but its so secretive i live in wales can travel if any one wants to reply
    with a email address so i can contact them

  13. know zee parker says:

    Saw an article on MSN about Denbeigh Asylum and started surfing the web. So far have seen some stunning pictures and places that if I had a bit of nerve would like to visit.Got to be honest it would scare me shitless, having said that though was a bit of a snooper on old industrial sites as a kid, but asylums, geez i’ll leave it to you guys.

  14. joe says:

    I think the ratings are about right, i would say hellingly is the number one asylum too, i had many happy explores there during summer 2010, i was so sad to see it being demolished to make way for the wooden framed shite homes that persimmon think are so great. i never felt spooked at hellingly but always got an erie feeling at west park at night, i think that cane hill was a creepy old place too.
    shame most of these have gone as they hold alot of history that can not be replaced. im looking at going up to whittingham again this year as i got caught by security the first time round, anyone wanting to meet up and come along just leave a message and ill get back to you. joe.

  15. kerry says:

    are any of these asylums still up and how can you o to investigate them paranormally??

  16. mand says:

    I love Denbigh asylum
    went there with my mate few years ago even got directions from a police officer ( so funny ) got some random pics at night was soo scared we went back in daylight lol took nearly 4 hours viewing the place all over the site, when we got back to Cambridge and up loaded the pics zooming in showing our husband’s all over the place id took a picky from a distance of the green door area round the side when we zoomed in checking all windows looking at the state of them we found an outline of a face quite what looked to be an middle aged gent with long hair and a tash with deep set hollow eyes totally freeked us out lol even though it scared us we would do it again for sure

  17. Mark says:

    Hello Simon,

    I’m doing some research on Hellingly Hospital and note you have a copy of the GT Hines drawings of it as published in the Commissioners in Lunacy annual reports, would it be possible to have a copy?

    In May 1898 there was a vote held by East Sussex Councillors to call the new asylum after the nearby village of Amberstone it was rejected by 24 votes to 17.

    Regards Mark

  18. Yo, sure done a great job researching most of Britain,s old Mental Hospitals. I spent 2yrs @ Broadgate Hospital, Walkington, nr Beverley, East Yorkshire thru mental health problems-1970-1972. I was on the private wing, The Ridings, which actually started out as a hospital within Broadgate Hospital itself. Sadly it,s since been demolished, and I don,t know what,s there now, as I,m now in Birmingham.

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