Five Picks from the Sick Britain Flickr Group

Posted by sickbritain On July - 1 - 2010

In case you weren’t aware we’ve got a thriving Flickr Group where fellow explorers post their wares, we’re over 3,500 items now so I thought I’d make a few quick picks of the Creative Commons submissions from the group.  If you’ve not heard of Creative Commons it’s a way of licensing your work to allow certain usage, in my case my photos are all available for non-commercial use as long as you credit me.

So, onto the picks – I’ve selected one photo each from five Sick Britain members…

1. Howzey….

2. Compound Eye

3. Urban Spaceman

4. AltoExyl

5. Alistair Hobbs

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6 Responses to “Five Picks from the Sick Britain Flickr Group”

  1. Chirandeep says:

    i genuinely think these picture are amazing. id love to get into this sort of thing.. im just wondering, what camera do you use? and how can i find places near me to do this sort of thing?
    love chiran.xxxxxxx

  2. Yann says:

    Wonderful shots ! I particularly like shots 2 and 3. Great work !

  3. Wow those are amazing photos man. I love the first one of the inside of the house. I’ve just now started exploring Urbex photography and I really enjoy it. I just put up of my recent Urbex photos, they aren’t nearly as good as yours, but I’m learning:

  4. Chris says:

    Great pics, a new possible location for silent hill? Or a rave

  5. Jimmy says:

    Loving the shot of the burnt fire alarm, most amusing.

  6. Eleanor Drew says:

    RESPECT! This is my idea of beauty… Can’t explain it but don’t need to on here! Done some scrabbling about myself but nothing like as good as this. Maybe one day I’ll have pics good enough to share. GOOD WORK. I NEED THIS!

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