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Urbex Community: Talk|Urbex reports new asylum found

Posted by thirtyfootscrew On August - 13 - 2009

Talk|Urbex is reporting that a ‘new’ asylum has been found, one that has not been shot before – details of the first visit can be found here. ¬†They plan to reveal the location but you have to solve the riddle to get the info – try cracking the first code, I solved it straight away even without the clue but I use this often to encode and decode information (’nuff said) so I was likely to recognise it.

Good luck to you with the code,if everyone gets the answer all at once we might all end up having a mob to storm the place with or if nothing else we might have enough people for an impromtu rave, I’ll bring the glow-sticks!

Urbex Community: Talk|URBEX

Posted by sickbritain On July - 17 - 2009

After a run of mainly forum or photography sites I’ve found something a little different, a blog. Talk|URBEX is just starting out but aims to “share amazing locations, hints, tips and provide articles on camera equipment, post processing workflow and help on getting that perfect angle to provide the best record of the urbex site”, given that it’s aims are very allied to ours here at Sick Britain I intend to watch this one with interest!




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