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Posted by sickbritain On March - 31 - 2009

Urbex is a fascinating but easily misunderstood subject, some may view it as an artform through it’s photography related angle whilst others may view it as dangerous and lump together passive explorers and common vandals.  In part that’s why I’ve chosen to put together this blog, to help demystify the subject, if you’re new to the subject I’d advise you to start with the article What is Urban Exploration? then work through some of our other posts and follow our suggested links out to other community sites.

If you’d like more information about the sport/hobby please feel free to get in touch using our Contact Us page, I’m more than happy to help with interviews or articles for print, broadcast or online media provided and have contacts across the UK that could contribute.  Also if you’re scouting potential locations for a photo/video shoot and need any advice on locations or urbex safety please get in touch, a couple of our contributors are published photographers and can provide info and high quality stills (and sometimes video) of visited sites if required, they may even go out on commission if you ask nicely.

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If youre into Urbex or youre trying to find out what its all about you may find yourself needing some help finding out about the art of Urban Exploration.  Here at Sick Britain Im planning to put up original content like my What is Urbex? and Urbex Safety articles as well as posting links to other community sites such as 28 Days Later or Derelicte.



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