RAF Finmere, Jul-2009

Posted by thirtyfootscrew On July - 19 - 2009

Finmere WoodsIt’s been a while since I managed to find time for exploring with a combination of weather, birthdays, grubby British weather and so on but this weekend I managed to get across to West Park (report due soon) and I managed to have a little poke around in the woods near RAF Finmere.

When I arrived in the area there seemed to be some activity on the airfield so I had to give that a miss but so I headed down to the woods, parking next to (but not in front of!) a gate by a public footpath. The woods seem to be used heavily for paintballing and there’s plastic tape up all over the place, I managed to tread carefully and avoid being shot but on a couple of occasions I did end up within a hundred yards of a group of paintballers but I don’t think anyone spotted me.

The majority of the structures remaining seem to be odd roofless bunker/trench type arrangements, I saw at least 7 or 8 of them dotted throughout the woods (bearing in mind I was avoiding the ‘live fire’ of the paintballers), I’m not sure what their original use would have been…

Entrance to Bunker

Entrance to Bunker

Bunker Layout

I didn’t have much time on my hands so I was probably only wandering around for an hour or so, I’d love to come back with someone who knows the area a bit better – if anyone’s interested please give me a shout.

Nocton RAF Hospital, Mar-2009: Video #3

Posted by thirtyfootscrew On May - 5 - 2009

Following on from my other urbex videos, I’ve compiled a final video that completes the exploration of Nocton RAF Hospital. This third video runs through a large swathe of the main building with a few excursions, it was easily the creepiest part of the whole day and a large part of why I got the hell out of there!

If you’d like to learn a little more about the place, please check out the first Nocton video or you can get some great background info from RAF-Lincolnshire.info.

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Nocton RAF Hospital, Mar-2009: Video #2

Posted by thirtyfootscrew On May - 4 - 2009

Following on from my first urbex video, I’ve compiled another video that continues the exploration of Nocton RAF Hospital. The second video picks up where the first left off and contains video footage and photographs of a large part of the facility’s exterior and a few shots from inside buildings, leading right up to the point where I enter the main building…

If you want a little history you can check out the first Nocton video or you can get some great background info from RAF-Lincolnshire.info.

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Nocton RAF Hospital, Mar-2009: Video #1

Posted by thirtyfootscrew On May - 3 - 2009

Whilst exploring the abandoned RAF hospital at Nocton I lodged my camera-phone behind the strap of my camera bag to make an impromptu body-cam and have edited the footage together with my photos from the day to make the video below. This video represents roughly the first third of the explore (it’s a big site) and around half of all the photos I took, the music used in the clip was taken from CCMixter.org, links to the tracks are below the video. Before watching the video it’s worth perhaps having a little history on the place, I’ve taken my info from RAF-Lincolnshire.info and Wikipedia, you can read more there if you wish.

The site contains an historic listed building, a stately home originally constructed in 1834 and rebuilt in 1841 by the first Earl of Ripon. The hall was first used as an convalescent home for American officers in 1917 during the Great War and was turned into a full-scale hospital by the RAF in 1940 but was has been intermittently used by the US Army from World War 2 right up to the first Gulf War in 1991/92. At it’s height of readiness during the Gulf War the site employed roughly 1,300 medical staff and had 740 beds even though it only ended up treating 35 casualties, following this period the hospital was handed back to the RAF and was finally abandoned to the elements in September 1995.

On a personal note, I find it sad that the property (especially the hall) has been left to fall into such a derelict state, it has been the victim of several arson attacks and an extensive amount of vandalism but the place still has a lot of character with an air of eeriness about it, mainly due to its size and advanced state of dereliction.

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Pavenham ROC Post, Apr-2009

Posted by thirtyfootscrew On April - 22 - 2009

After a failed explore elsewhere I decided to find an alternative to avoid a wash-out, I was carrying my Dell Mini 9 & 3G data stick so I did a little research on the web and came up with Pavenham ROC. I chose an ROC post because they don’t generally require much preparation and as long as you’ve found a recent report of one being accessible you’re likely to have no trouble getting in. I chose Pavenham as the location looked remote enough that the ‘chav factor’ wouldn’t come into play and previous reports and photos made it look like an easy approach.

On arrival at Pavenham I struggled to find the site, part because I didn’t have the exact coordinates and part because there was a road closed in the area which caused a long diversion. I cracked open the Dell Mini again and managed to find a grid reference (thanks due to ROC Remembered) and my satnav took me right to the place.

Previous reports made it look as though the post was right in the middle of a patch of brambles so I opted for an approach from the hedge side as it offered more cover from view of few houses and a public footpath. As I proceeded to drag myself through the hedge backwards I noticed a couple of topside features (air ventilator and probe cover) hidden amongst the brambles so I knew I was in the right place but I only found the hatch as I emerged from inside the hedge back into the field so there really is no point in approaching from that side!

The hatch opened easily and I immediately noticed a difference between this post and the previous two I had visited:


The key difference is that the one at Pavenham has the hatch counterweight on the right-hand side whereas those in Alderbury and Burgh-on-Bain are to your back which I found out much to my peril when I got a nasty bump on the head climbing up! The Pavenham solution seems much better and I’m not sure why they’re not all like that, perhaps they realised part way through the nationwide construction programme that they’d end up with injured officers up and down the country!

The inside of the bunker was pretty clean although much more sparse than the previous two ROC posts I have visited, I was very impressed to see many individual artefacts still present including an intact mirror. The other items present included a Glitto canister, a tin of Luxol enamel paint, a Tankard Bitter ashtray, the Eltex chemical toilet and various pieces of paper in good readable condition. The most notable item missing was the bunk bed, this leaves quite a large space free at the back of the room but that at least gave me a better perspective and I got to see the room from a different angle than those normally available to me.



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